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Our mission is to create the easiest to use, most reliable, quality improvement and assurance tools that deliver the best insights to the world’s health and care professionals.
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Continuously raising the bar in quality

“Health and care workers are called to their professions because of a passion for people, not paperwork. Yet, healthcare staff often spend more time on admin than caring for patients. At the same time, health and care workers face new challenges to keep our communities healthy. As a result, understanding and improving quality in care is more critical now than ever.

Across clinical and care settings, teams want to do better for their patients and their communities. But first, they need to know what better means. This is why we created Tendable. At Tendable, we apply the best digital technology to solve one of healthcare’s most important challenges: how to continuously improve quality.

The Tendable app and platform makes quality inspections quicker, easier and more effective, by bringing the mobile user experience we all know and love to the frontlines of the healthcare industry. Tendable makes quality inspections up to 60% faster, freeing up time to care and providing healthcare leaders with instant access to critical quality data.

At Tendable, we are excited to lead a transformation in the culture of quality. Our mission is to empower you to feel the same.”

No sizeable health or care organisation can be managed effectively without structured, timely and easily understood information.

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Our Leadership Team

Leaderhip team

Tim Bolot

Founder and CEO

Tim is the Founder and CEO of Tendable, a healthtech company bringing people together to better understand and improve quality across health and social care. Tim believes in innovation and putting the customer at the heart of what we do. Our products were designed on the frontline, for the frontline and are leading a transformation in the culture of quality across care and clinical environments.

Leaderhip team

Rob Thornton

Chief Financial Officer

Rob is a chartered accountant with wide experience across financial analysis and control, business change and development, across a number of industries including most recently 12 years experience of working in Healthcare with the NHS. Rob is incredibly proud to be working for Tendable, providing tools and solutions to help clinical teams and management maintain their high standards of care for our community.

Leaderhip team

Rhian Bulmer

Chief Partnerships Officer

Rhian has 20 years of experience serving health and social care organisations with strong focus on engagement programmes and ensuring that the customer is at the heart of decision making.   Rhian has healthcare IT experience across primary care, secondary care and ambulance services and brings this knowledge to health-economy wide propositions.

Leaderhip team

Eric van der Sluis

Commercial Director International

Eric has an exceptional 20-year track record of developing high growth, emerging health software companies. He brings considerable expertise and experience, having held senior leadership, sales, and marketing positions at Orion Health, HealthLink, Dbvisit Software and Odin Health. Eric has been instrumental in developing new markets and leads the growth for Tendable across Australasia and North America.

Leaderhip team

Rose McNeill

Chief Growth Officer

Rose joined Tendable in summer 2018 with a background in management consultancy, delivering productivity improvements across a range of sectors with a focus on Health and Social Care. Initially leading the Implementation and Support team, she now leads on Marketing, Strategic HR and Internal Projects to make sure we can support our growing Tendable Community.

Leaderhip team

Oliver O’Connor

Chief Product Officer

Oliver is a product leader with 15 years of experience in healthcare and has focused on digital product leadership in both technical product management and commercial/strategic roles. Oliver is an evangelist for simple, effective solutions, recognising the power and joy that great software can bring to those who use it. Coupled with a passion for healthcare improvement, he is driven to deliver tools to serve the needs of health and social care communities, creating systems that free users to focus on the delivery of care.

Leaderhip team

Noam Cohen-Brener

Chief Technical Officer

Noam is an experienced engineering and product leader and throughout his career worked in multiple geographies. At Tendable Noam’s foremost priority is building and supporting the engineering team to deliver the company’s ambitious growth plans. Prior to joining Tendable he managed engineering teams at Limejump, an energy start-up, supporting them as the company scaled, after being acquired by Shell. Noam has worked in a variety of sectors, health, energy, social media, ad-tech, infosec, and in companies of all sizes, from global giants like Facebook to being a founding member of two start-ups.

Leaderhip team

Eliot Pallot

Head of Customer Success

Eliot has been with Tendable since 2019 providing support to our customers in implementing best practice in audit and providing ongoing support. Eliot is responsible for continually improving the projects that are used to implement our customers and ensuring that they get the most out of the tools available to them. Prior to Tendable Eliot has 5 years of experience in providing change management programs across charities, businesses & schools focusing on improving communication skills and training programmes.

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