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PRODUCT 27 Nov 2021

Six reasons to choose Tendable

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Tendable is a specialist provider of digital quality improvement solutions across health and social care. Currently used in acute hospitals, mental health and community care, disability services, ambulance services, pharmacists and aged care, our products can transform the quality culture of an organisation.

Here are six reasons to choose Tendable:

  1. A community with a passion for quality care

  2. Innovation with purpose

  3. A community of experts

  4. Sustainable and continuous improvement

  5. Empowered and motivated frontline staff

  6. Better, faster decisions

A community with a passion for quality care

Tendable is not digital technology alone. Tendable is a community - a group of passionate people working behind the scenes and on the frontlines to improve quality of care – working as a community, for our communities. Together, we add value to our organisations and to our patients’ and care home residents’ lives. Transform clear evidence into better outcomes with Tendable.

Innovation with purpose

Our curiosity brings new ideas, empowers us to ask the questions which reveal our community’s needs, and enables us to drive quality improvement to the highest standards. We are dedicated to developing innovation that will transform care and continuously raise the quality threshold.

A community of experts

We are a community of health and care professionals working with digital experts, motivated to continuously set ever higher standards of quality and patient safety. Tendable brings people together to understand and improve quality in health and care settings. Join our community.

Sustainable and continuous improvement

The Tendable community tracks and reports on quality from the frontline, right through the organisation to the board, and when required, on to the regulator.

Tendable brings people together to understand and improve quality in health and care settings, making change which is measurable, sustainable, visible.

Empowered and motivated frontline staff

Across clinical areas and communities, Tendable unleashes the potential of people in health and care to improve quality. Tendable empowers staff on the frontlines to put themselves and the people they care for at the centre of care; with Tendable, they own quality improvement and patient safety. Put progress in their hands with Tendable.

Better, faster decisions

Tendable provides clear, real-time data so you can quickly and easily identify recurring issues, key risks and successes. Capture audit findings directly in an app. Share results instantly across teams. Make better decisions, sooner.

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