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NEWS 27 Nov 2021

Welcome to Tendable

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We are excited to announce the next phase in the development of our company, as we officially launch Tendable.
Tendable is a healthtech company bringing people together to better understand and improve quality across all health and social care settings. Our range of products are leading a transformation in the culture of quality across our customers, building a community dedicated to raising the bar of quality improvement.

Our new name reflects the core values of our growing and global customer base and reinforces our mission to create the easiest to use, most reliable quality improvement and assurance solutions. We believe technology is essential to accurately collect data and then analyse it to uncover insights, so health leaders can make better decisions.

Tim Bolot, Founder & CEO of Tendable said, “Our name may have changed but our business values stay the same. As our business expands into new sectors and new markets across the globe, the name Tendable reflects who we are and the increasing diversity of our expanding customer community. ‘Tend’ and ‘Able’ stand side by side, epitomising our dual characteristics of being human and approachable while conducting ourselves in a highly professional, energetic way - characteristics of the community we serve. We continue to innovate with purpose, working closely with our community to develop outstanding digital technology. This empowers health and care teams to set and reach the highest standards of quality and safety.”

Tendable works for frontline workers, management and board directors across all types of settings including hospitals, disability services, social and domiciliary care, and ambulance services.

Our community now reaches beyond the UK to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

To join our community speak to one of our team, email [email protected]

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