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Simple and Efficient

Save time with instant access to data and action planning

Hassle-free quality inspections, with the information you need to make better quality improvement decisions, sooner.

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Save Time

Reduce the time spent on auditing and reporting by over 60%.

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Real-Time Data

Have instant access to your critical quality data – your performance, visible, in real time.

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Integrated Action Planning

Link actions directly to the issues they are addressing – no need for a separate action log.

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Include Evidence

Capture photos and leave comments along with audit responses to give clear evidence of quality.

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The simplicity and immediacy of Tendable is a game-changer for our auditing process and the results speak for themselves. The return rate for completed audits stands at 97% up from 25%. Meanwhile, the overall time spent on auditing has fallen by 60%. We can now devote this extra time to caring for patients and to responding to any issues highlighted by the audits, something that just wasn’t possible before Tendable.

Matt Hutchinson

Head of Quality Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (now University Hospitals Sussex)

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