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Are health and social care workers using their time effectively?

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Recently, the Royal College of Nursing highlighted that, ‘Nursing staff across the UK are under such pressure that 6 out of 10 say they cannot provide the level of care they want to patients.’

Here at Tendable, we understand the increasing pressure on resources, time and stress that is inflicted upon the Health and Social care workers across the global. As we head into the winter months, we know these pressures will only increase, and the need to provide quality care and maintain quality standards will become greater than ever.

According to American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), nurses spend only a 1/3 of their time actively with patients. They also spend a significant amount of time focused on completing documentation and administrative tasks. Unlocking this time using technology and tools to give back to front-line teams and patients is vital to unlock time for care.

Being able to free up frontline teams’ time to care is of utmost importance for us, especially as we move into the autumn and winter months. Tendable is here to support you and your organisation during this important time with some pivotal changes in our quality assurance tools.

Our Updates

Our recent releases include our admin portal, improved mobile on-boarding, navigation, and re-design. These are all designed to allow you and your teams to unlock your full potential as well as supporting you to ensure you provide every patient with the quality of care and assurance.

Our admin portal equips you with the ability to be in control of your own quality improvement journey from creating your own inspections to creating your own categories tailoring your quality needs.

Whilst our enhanced mobile experience provides you and your front-line teams with the ability to access your inspections and real-time analytics quicker than ever, allowing you to manage your quality standards and time effectively. Our new features include setting deadlines, a fresh new look, and the ability to ‘filter by’ to allow you to see what the priority in your teams is.

For more insights on how to utilise Tendable and unlock your team’s potential, head to our knowledge base:


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