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29 Sept 2022

Encourage a culture of transparency

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Tim Bolot

Founder and CEO
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From a practical perspective, human interactions with technology are critical to the development of any product. According to Tim Bolot, CEO at Tendable, a clinical audit software solution for healthcare professionals, “a lot of what we are trying to do is encourage a culture of transparency. If you take the view that your solution isn’t always right, you will find room for improvement much faster.”

The idea that things aren’t perfect and need to be fixed is a positive culture to embed. How a company deals with difficult hurdles and collaborates to improve will lead to faster and more efficient progress. In this respect, human influence is a crucial part of responsible tech. It is also important to think through the typical use cases and how these vary by customer segment, including those edge cases which are likely to be higher risk situations.

Customers are at the heart of everything Tendable do and having face to face time with customers is an important element of every employee’s induction process. Everyone in the company, from the product engineering team to operations, finance to HR, is encouraged to speak with customers regularly to understand their view on the service and highlight their biggest challenges and frustrations.

By taking practical steps and focusing on consistent feedback, the Tendable team are able to closely observe how their service works on the frontline, and deliver a solution that is tailored to the needs of their users.

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