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'Everyone has a role in maintaining quality standards' Lewisham and Greenwich NHS FT make significant progress with Tendable

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In January, we announced Lewisham and Greenwich NHS FT as the winners of our Christmas Giveaway with their amazing submission around how they utilised Tendable to elevate quality in their organisation. I recently got a chance to sit with Myla Angeles, Lead Nurse for Quality at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS FT to talk to her about her submission, and the amazing work that her and her team are driving over at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS FT.

Here is how it went:

So I guess the first question is, how is Tendable utilised, and what evidence do you have to highlight the significant progress?

Tendable is used as our quality assurance solution. The evidence to highlight the significant progress made by our front-line teams are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are measured and tracked by Tendable, such as audit scores, compliance rates, patient outcomes, and staff feedback. These KPIs show the improvement in the quality of care and safety in practice that the team has achieved using Tendable.

So Myla, how do front-line staff engage with Tendable, in regards to compliance with patient care and safety in practice?

Our front-line teams use Tendable to perform audits, monitor observations on the wards and other clinical areas through data capture and report the results directly onto their devices or web portals. Tendable is also utilised to access and follow evidence-based guidelines, standards, and local policies of the Trust to ensure that our teams are actively up-to-date to improve patient care and safety in practice.

And so, what kind of data, or evidence is there to support you? And how has this data driven your team to improve monthly performances to form part of your learning?

The evidence is all recorded on the Tendable app to support all the quality improvement work we do, the audit reports are generated from different audit suites such as Saving Lives, Medicine Management Compliance and Quality Rounds.

We then use this to form our feedback and take accountability to improve actions based on what Tendable produces. These are then used as a report to share with a broader group. These data insights provide us with the strengths and weaknesses of the team’s performance as well as the opportunities and challenges for improvement. The team uses the data to monitor, evaluate, and benchmark their monthly performances and to identify and implement learning and development quality improvement initiatives.

That's so great to hear, what made you put extra measures and changes in place, and what role did Tendable play?

Tendable played a huge role in highlighting all the different areas that needed improvement, such as staff compliance, patient satisfaction, and resource efficiency. Tendable also played a role in facilitating the implementation of the measures and changes by providing tools, guidance, and support for our teams.

Over the past year, we have been able to extend Tendable to an additional 40 areas of the Trust. We also have extended the users to other Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to ensure everyone has a role in maintaining quality standards, and measuring compliance as part of preparing for CQC.

It'll also be good to know what you used before Tendable too.

We used to have different audits that were paper-based within each Division; when Tendable was introduced, we now have one standardised assessment tool to use, which is accessible to everyone who is registered on Tendable.

Talk to us about elevating quality assurance across your trust today.

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