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PRODUCT 20 Sept 2022

New functionality on our Web Portal: Dashboards 2.0 is HERE!

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Eliot Pallot

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Dashboards 2.0 has been added to our Analytics offering in the Web Portal. A total of five new dashboards have been added in this release, along with a brand new filter by date option. Don’t worry, the original dashboards remain in the Web Portal, and you can continue to use them as you have been.

The new dashboards give you the opportunity to filter by question, date and compare average scores. They offer more flexibility within the date ranges and in addition offer you a simplified view to quickly access information when you need it.

The new dashboards are:

This provides a summary view of all inspection results including the average scores and number of completed inspections. You can select custom date ranges, view data by week, month or quarter and drill down to see individual inspections.

This allows you to easily identify which areas have or haven’t completed inspections based on the deadlines set up in the system. You can view all current and upcoming deadlines for any area(s) based on the date range selection.

You can filter the dashboard by selecting individual questions to see its performance over time. You can also see how often questions were responded N/A in comparison to all responses.

You can filter the dashboard by specific roles in order to compare inspection scores across these different roles.

This allows you to identify what the top issues are within the organisation. You can hone in on two key metrics – which questions are still unresolved across the most areas and which issues are repeating.

These changes mark the first step in a change of approach to reporting within Tendable with a focus on flexibility and ease of access to information. To support this in the longer term we will be changing how in-app reporting works over the next few months to bring it in-line with these principles. In-app reports will remain unchanged for now but in the next few months some reports will be changing and those used less often retired. For further detail please see the in-app notification on the reporting screen.

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