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Driving world-class veteran and long-term residential care with Tendable

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, Perley Health is one of the largest long-term care homes with more than 600 Seniors and Veterans in long-term care and in independent apartments.

Perley Health provides a range of clinical, therapeutic and recreational care services to its residents, tenants, and people across the region.

Achieving excellence in the health, safety and well-being of Seniors and Veterans with a focus on innovation in person centred and frailty-informed care and service is Perley Health’s mission. That’s why Tendable worked in partnership to provide quality assurance solutions for each of their 800+ staff members to take an active role in maintaining an exception standard of care across such a complex site.


We're deeply committed to quality improvement and part of that is consistent measurement.

Mary Boutette Chief Operating Officer

The time saving unlocked across such a varied workforce has meant that staff are able to spend more time caring for their residents, instead of getting bogged down in administration.

Critical quality initiatives such as infection prevention and control (IPAC) have also been digitised. Perley Health are now able to evidence to regulatory authorities a complete compliance over time, as well as highlighting areas of potential improvement within their current healthcare processes.

Watch how Perley Health are using Tendable to digitise their audits.

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