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Case Study Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust: Using the Tendable app to host and create Antibiotic Care Bundle audits

Case Study
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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The Antimicrobial Care Bundle (ACB) is a snap-shot audit tool co-created by the Tendable and BHT Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Teams. The ACB is based on the UK Health Security Agency “Start smart then focus” guidance and enables feedback on all elements of AMS to optimise the management and treatment of infection in patients.

The challenge:

Previously, BHT used a paper-based version of this tool, which involved monthly data collection from wards. However, the feedback to clinicians was delayed due to the labour-intensive process of creating graphs and reports from paper ACB audits.

The solution:

The digital ACB audit was implemented in 2020 for use on in-patient areas throughout BHT and aims to prioritise patient safety and quality.

Tendable allows ACB audit reports to be produced in real-time, identifying areas of best practice and highlighting areas for improvement which can be discussed with the multi-disciplinary teams working on the wards at the time of the audit.

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