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Case Study Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Moorfields Eye Hospital: Achieving Excellence Through Scheduling and Effective Governance

Case Study

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Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is the UK’s leading care provider of eye health services. With 2,300 staff members currently across 23 sites in and around London, Moorfields are dedicated to continuing building their legacy and paving the way for excellence in Ophthalmology. Their highly trained and knowledgeable clinicians facilitate patient treatment from the most common eye conditions to the rarest.

The Solution

In a collaborative effort, Tendable and Moorfields created a strategy to meet their KPIs, with 3 key tactics to promote engagement:

Audit scheduling through Tendable.

Each audit within the programme was assigned to a schedule ranging from a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, and each of the 26 audits were mapped to the 126 clinical areas across all sites.

Tendable schedule poster.

A clear and concise scheduling poster, which communicates to staff their audit programme for each month of the year was developed alongside a spreadsheet of which clinical areas were expected to complete which audits. To keep staff informed, this was displayed on the trust intranet and in the staff common areas across their different sites.

Robust governance and reporting structure.

The Tendable project group and Moorfields Excellence Delivery Board to meet regularly to effectively manage the audit programme, and report on the data output using Tendable’s Analytic Dashboards.

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