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About Tendable

Where is my information stored, and how is it kept secure?


Tendable uses an SSL encrypted connection for data transfer. We use SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption, the strongest on the market. Data is stored in the cloud on servers physically located within the European Union, which comply with the European legislation regarding data privacy.

What information can I find in the Web Portal?


The Tendable Web Portal can be used to view and manage actions across your organisation. You can use various filters to sort and search for specific actions, progress them, or download an actions list. You can also search, filter, and download all your PDF reports, adjust your system settings, and access the Tendable Knowledge Base.

Also accessible from the Web Portal are the Tendable Analytics Dashboards, which give users a real-time view of inspection performance and compliance across various levels of the organisation. This will provide data-driven insight to help organisations identify and assess areas of risk and make informed decisions to improve quality across the wider organisation.

You can login using the same details as you do for the Tendable mobile app.

Can you tailor audits especially for my organisation?


As part of the onboarding process, we will work with you to ensure you have the right set of inspection types, questions, and guidance tailored for the different types health and care settings that are relevant to you or your organisation.

How can I get the Tendable app?


You can download the Tendable app on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and Google Play for Android devices.

Is the Tendable app and Web Portal supported on my device/browser?


The current version of the Tendable mobile app is supported for use on the latest version plus the two preceding versions of the iOS/Android operating system (OS).

The Web Portal is supported on the latest version plus the two preceding versions of all main browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari; it is also supported on Internet Explorer version 11.

What is Tendable and how can it help me?


Tendable is a quality inspection app and platform for health and care settings. The Tendable app makes quality inspections, audits and reviews easier and more effective by bringing the mobile user experience we all know and love to the frontlines of care. By making quality inspections up to 60% faster, Tendable frees up time to care.

Analytics Dashboards are available in the Tendable Web Portal to empower health leaders with access to automated, real-time reporting and monitoring of critical quality data.