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Tendable for General Practices and Primary Care Networks

GP audits

Drive quality improvement using Tendable with an engaged workforce, frontline staff through a streamlined and transparent process. 

With Tendable Analytics and reports, data and evidence is always instantly and readily available to view, interrogate and export. This includes data on performance and trend with themes such as Key Performance Indicators and CQC domains.

Reviewing the data collated assures staff that there is ownership of quality improvement and that standards are conformed to which improves patient safety and outcomes.

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Key Audit Areas

Personal Protective Equipment
Fire safety
Patient experience
Waste management

Benefits for General Practices

GP-PCN Audit

Drives Quality Improvement

Tendable will provide you with a dedicated digital tool to implement your quality programme with the ability to monitor improvement over time.

Quality improvement in GP practices is vital for enhancing patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. It ensures efficient resource utilisation, compliance with regulatory standards, and contributes to cost savings. Additionally, continual learning and a commitment to professional development help GP practices maintain a positive reputation and better serve their communities.

Real-time Analytics 

Every user of Tendable has access to powerful dashboards that provide you with results in real time. When accessing these dashboards, you can filter the data down to show what’s of interest to you – whether you’re a frontline team member interested in your waste management scores this month, or a quality improvement lead who wants a wholistic picture of quality risks.

Once you have found what you need you can export this data into a range of formats that work best for you, creating reports that are readily available to provide live assurance to boards or your frontline staff.

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Engaged Workforce

Frontline staff, who recognise the importance of audits through a streamlined and transparent process, can also share best practices, thus recognising the value of audits.

Furthermore, any actions which have been raised during the audit can be assigned to individuals ensuring accountability and an engaged workforce.

Standardised Audits 

Utilising standardised audits creates the potential for benchmarking across areas within the practice, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and knowledge-sharing to enhance overall quality.

Tendable Benck-marking

Our Implementation Process 


Our dedicated Customer Success team will work with you to implement your new quality assurance solution so that you get the best out of the technology and out of your teams.


We will design your new quality programme, drawing on what you have done historically within your practice, and on what we have seen work well for teams just like you. The structure of the programme will be consistent across all of your teams and areas, with tailoring to make sure your staff are only answering the questions that are relevant to them.


The last stage is to train and engage the teams across your entire practice, giving staff the confidence and enthusiasm to use the tool. You’ll be shown how to use analytics and reporting to understand risks, issues and themes, and pinpoint those areas that need additional support.

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