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Tendable for Hospital Pharmacy 

Pharmacy audits

Encourage pharmacy excellence and meet your compliance requirements without affecting your time to care.

Evidencing best practice to regulators doesn't have to add to your workload, by asking the right questions at the right time compliance can be maintained and potential improvements can be quickly highlighted.

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Key Audit Areas

Medicines Management
Controlled Drugs
Antimicrobial Care Bundle
Medicines Reconciliation
Drug Chart Audit
Pharmacy Audit

Streamlined question sets

Our system features branching questions, enabling certain questions to appear based on specific responses to prior questions. For instance, additional controlled drugs questions will only appear if the area stored controlled drugs. Furthermore, our system accommodates the repetition of the same set of questions within a single audit, for example allowing for the medicines reconciliation audit to be performed on multiple patients in a single session.

Keeping up with compliance 

Our audits can tag to key themes and act as one-stop shop to monitor how you are meeting your standards.

Our Tagging functionality brings an additional level of capability to the reporting you generate. With this feature, you can identify how you are meeting the CQC themes of Safe, Caring, Effective, Well-led and Responsive. You can also tag the questions to your own strategic and quality priorities.

Tagging also gives you the ability to pull reports by theme, which allows you to get a full picture in real-time.

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Real-time dashboards

Every user of Tendable has access to powerful dashboards that provide you with results in real time. When accessing these dashboards, you can filter the data down to show what’s of interest to you – whether you’re a frontline team member interested in your ward’s controlled drug scores this month, or a board member who wants a wholistic picture of quality risks.

Once you have found what you need you can export this data into a range of formats that work best for you, creating reports that are readily available to provide live assurance to boards or your frontline staff.

Rapid set-up

With our standard set of hospital pharmacy audits and our dedicated customer success team, we will ensure that you and your team are rapidly set-up to be inspection ready, and support you with any change management required. 

Inspection ready

We offer quality scheduled audits, whilst providing your regulators with the historic information they need and photographic evidence embedded into all your inspections. This equips you and your team to be regulatory inspection ready at all times. 

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