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Our Origin Story
Tim Bolot

Our Origin Story

After spending 15 years working on the boards of some of the largest health and social care organisations in the UK, our founder Tim Bolot understood the complex processes and systems within the NHS.

He observed that front line health and social care teams were using time consuming processes and lacked the use of effective technology when searching for data on quality assurance.

Audits were being completed with pen and paper, with much of the information disaggregated and retrospective. As a result of this, quality was not systematically being improved and front-line staff felt frustrated. On one occasion a board only discovered there were quality issues in their organisation after seeing a picture of a rat found in their wards in the newspaper!

This sparked the idea of Tendable, created in 2016, with the express goal of supporting front line health and social care teams to drive real quality improvement while saving time and providing management with a real time view of quality across their organisation.

Our Vision

Enable care providers to drive exceptional quality care through real-time data, valuable insight and the ability to take immediate action, unlocking frontline time to care.

Our Mission

To innovate in partnership with global care professionals providing effective access to evidence, unique process insight and pioneering technology.

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