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Why is your name changing from Perfect Ward?


Over the past 6 years, Perfect Ward has grown from an app developed in one acute hospital in the south of England, to a solution used across three different continents in a wide range of health and social care organisations. Even in an acute hospital, the name “Perfect Ward” didn’t accurately describe what we do, because the solution can also be used for a whole range of applications for quality assurance and improvement beyond the ward. For example Care Homes, Emergency Departments, Theatres, Outpatients Clinics and any setting where you may want to assure and improve quality. For that reason, and to further support our expanding use cases and global community, we are becoming Tendable on 1 st December 2021.

Where did Tendable come from?


Over the past 6 months, we have been working with our brand agency to create our new brand identity. A range of customers, partners and our internal team were interviewed to get under the skin of how people think about our solutions and how we operate as an organisation. This research culminated in a very clear distillation of what we stand for and how we want to be seen by our customers and wider community. We are delighted with our new name: Tendable.

Is Tendable a real word?


No, Tendable is an invented word however it conveys the meaning behind our organisation that we are human, approachable, professional and operate with energy. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and strive to continuously raise the bar of quality improvement in all areas we work.

What is Tendable?


Tendable is a healthtech company that brings people together to understand and improve quality in health and care settings. We want to lead a transformation in the culture of quality across all care and clinical environments.

We have developed a range of solutions to help customers improve quality. We offer a quality inspection app and web platform for health and social care organisations. Making quality inspections easier and more effective by bringing the mobile user experience we all know, to the frontlines of care.

Using Tendable reduces the time taken to complete quality inspections by up to 60%. Tendable frees up time to care for the frontline, while providing healthcare leaders instant access to critical quality data to make better informed decisions driven by insights.

How is Tendable different to Perfect Ward?


Tendable is an evolution and now offers customers an enterprise solution from the frontline to the board across three core areas:

  1. Auditing and accreditation – the app
  2. Quality improvement – action planning and resolution
  3. Quality assurance and risk management – data analysis and insights

As a current customer what do I need to do?


As a valued customer, you are a member of an increasingly diverse and expanding global community. This is the driving force for changing our name to Tendable. Our name is changing, our commitment to outstanding service and support remains constant. Key points for you to look out for and share with your team are:

  • You will need to ensure you have the latest version of the new app, so download from the App Store or Google Play Store to your mobile device. If you have a business device the update may be sent via your IT team.

  • When the update is applied, the app name and icon will change. Please look out for the 't' icon – similar to this, please note Icons will vary depending on device manufacturer.

Is the url changing?


Yes, moving to Tendable means that the app and website urls are changing. Speak to your IT team to ensure all Tendable domains and extensions are whitelisted within your system - these are:



How do I contact customer support?


Please see a list of appropriate contacts.

United Kingdom and South Africa

Australia and New Zealand

When is the name changing?


Our name will officially be changing on 1st December 2021. From this date forward, all new versions of the software that we release will be branded as Tendable. This will include the app in your app store, and the URL when you want to log into the web portal. Old versions of the app will continue to work during the transition period.

How are you going to help with the change?


Please be assured that any Perfect Ward email addresses and uses of the Perfect Ward website address by you or your team will automatically be redirected to the new Tendable equivalents. We don’t want to lose you or your messages; maintaining consistency of service is vitally important to us.

How can I get help? Can I speak to someone about this?


As always, you can get in touch with your account manager at any time, or you can give our customer success team a call. Please see the contact page for your local Tendable telephone numbers and email addresses.

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