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Spotlight on Quality

We are excited to announce our new quarterly Spotlight on Quality series.

Each quarter we’ll be sharing our best practices and insights with a focus on quality.
During the event you will hear from our Tendable customers at different stages of their quality improvement journey.
Whilst our subject matter experts, will provide you with fresh insights into the healthcare industry and share their knowledge on crucial topics.

Our events are free to attend and held virtually!

Spotlight on Quality: An insight into the CQC single assessment framework

Our upcoming spotlight on quality session focuses on the CQC Single Assessment Framework.

During the event you’ll hear from the Tendable team and experts who will share their experiences with the new framework, as well as, how you can utilise data to evidence your CQC compliance.

Mark your calendars for Thursday 20th June 2024 and join us virtually from 12pm to 1:30pm

Spotlight on Quality: Data and Triangulation

Our upcoming spotlight on quality session focuses on Data and Triangulation

During the event you’ll hear from Tendable customers and experts who share their experiences with data across complex healthcare organisations. We'll cover ways to achieve effective insights from a range of data sources quickly, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to remove analysis paralysis to focus on the metrics that have the largest positive impact.

Mark your calendars for 31st January 2024 and join us virtually from 12pm to 1:30pm

Spotlight on Quality: Accreditation

The spotlight for this session focused on accreditation and how Tendable customers have approached their accreditation programmes with a view to share learnings across the healthcare industry.

Spotlight on Quality: Governance

The spotlight for this session focused on governance as our speakers talked about their experiences and approaches to the importance of good governance and what good governance looks like.