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PRODUCT 09 Sept 2022

New release: Azure Active Directory now available!

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Azure Active Directory Integration is here at Tendable!

We’re excited to announce that Azure Active Directory integration is now available on Tendable and ready to use within your system.

Integration with Azure Active Directory requires configuration, so please make sure your organisation IT admin are aware of this feature. If you wish to enable it within your organisation, then contact your Tendable customer success representative for more information.

But you may be wondering, what are the benefits of integrating Azure Active Directory with Tendable, and what does this look like?

  1. Reduced friction at onboarding as registration is now managed easily by your internal IT Team, almost instantaneous access.
  2. More secure as there is one less Username and Password for staff to remember.
  3. Improved identity protection with your own policies for 2FA and Conditional Access applied.

If you wish to demo Tendable and see it in action, email us at [email protected]

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