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Improving Quality of Care Across South Australia

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At Tendable, we are proud to work with and support Community Living Australia (CLA) – a registered disability provider across regional and metropolitan South Australia. CLA provide a range of flexible services, personalised for children and adults living with disability.

The team at CLA are dedicated to providing their clients with life changing care every day across a range of settings, including through supported accommodation and individual or group support sessions. CLA and Tendable work closely to ensure CLA continue to offer world-leading care quality across these settings, meet NDIS practise standards, and evidence this to regulators.

By building a robust audit programme specific to CLA’s requirements, leaders are able to record, measure and evidence the quality and the support they provide. As a proud registered partner of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), CLA has the ability to audit against NDIS Practice Standards efficiently through tailor made audits and our unique tagging feature. By creating tags based on these standards, teams can track their compliance in real time through our industry-leading analytics dashboards.


"Tendable is able to change with NDIS requirements, and that’s what we need in any quality system"

Mark Kulinski Chief Executive

We talked to Kathleen, Nick & Christine at CLA about their experience with Tendable in the video below:

What is NDIS & how is it changing?

The NDIS is a scheme provided by the Australian government which offers funding to those with disability. The scheme currently supports over half a million Australians, opening the doors to a wide range of opportunities such as educational resources for personal development and career advancement, access to healthcare and to become part of a supportive community.

Currently the subject of a range of recommendations within the recent Royal Commission report, it is likely that the NDIS Practise Standards will be amended to better reflect the requirements of NDIS in the future. Being able to evidence how care providers are meeting these updated requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner is fundamental to maintaining provider funding as well as ensuring effective care quality is being offered to clients.


"Tendable creates enormous efficiency. It’s resulted in better quality of support with our clients"

Kathleen Woolford Manager of Quality & Safeguarding

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