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International Day of People with Disability: What is quality support?

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This year for the International Day of People with Disability, Tendable are collaborating with our partners in Australia, Supporting Potential and Community Living Australia. At Tendable, Community Living Australia and Supporting Potential, our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We understand they have the right to expect high quality services, every time. But how do we achieve that?

Enter Tendable.

Tendable is a tool, that supports the achievement of high standards of quality and safety, that are centred around the person with disability.

But what even is quality?

It can be a vague concept. Within the disability sector, it is often multifaceted. In a nutshell it means how good is your service. Now the answer is likely to vary depending on who is answering the question. But today, on International Day of People with Disability, we should be maintaining that the people we support are and always will be, our quality judges.

Here are some things disability providers may be measured on:

Tendable allows you to know you how you're doing with all of this … and more. Tendable gives you the ability to develop simple question sets that allow you to understand if you are meeting the quality standards required of you from the people you support. It is real time data collection so you can make changes when before things becomes issues, and most importantly it is easy and can be built into the quality experience.

So ask yourself, how do you know you deliver quality support?

We all know, what we measure, we improve. So how are you measuring quality in every interaction? How are you recording the information so that you can make informed decisions? How do you know what indicates a need to change?

Tendable allows you to consistently achieve standards of quality and safety, which is a huge challenge in the disability sector. So, whilst we should be asking the people we support if they are happy with our services in every engagement, take this opportunity on International day of people with disability to really dissect if you're hitting the quality mark.

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