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Nurses rise to innovate and transform

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Tendable has partnered with Nursing Times to sponsor their digital forum and Innovation programme for nurses across the globe.

We found that nurses provide up to 80% of primary health care across the world. Nurses stand on the front-line providing quality care and are often critical thinkers when it comes to identifying efficient processes or improving quality in their organisations through innovation of their resources.

Nurse-led innovation has the power to transform the healthcare industry.

Nurses work every day to create solutions that make sure every patient receives the best possible treatment using the tools and resources they’re provided with. It’s not just about reassurance, it’s about creating a culture of quality improvement and assurance through new models of care, safety practices, more efficient processes — and innovating ways to tackle social challenges to improve patient outcomes.

And that’s why, we are giving you the opportunity to innovate and learn as the Nurses Technology Innovation Competition 2023 and Nursing Times Digital Forum are calling out for nurses and midwifes (individuals or small teams) with bold ideas on how to improve the patient journey or staff experience with technology.

Nurses are well-placed to recognise the practical challenges that exist in wards, clinics, and a diverse range of community settings. Care leaders often have multiple ideas on how to improve services, systems and processes and deliver better care.

Within this competition, we welcome applications from registered nurses and midwifes who work in all sectors of healthcare whether its NHS (or other National Health Services), GP practices, private, 3rd/voluntary, social care, prisons, education, and others, to share their solutions with a panel of industry and digital experts.

To find out more, head over to the Nursing Times website:
Click here for more information

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