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What does a good accreditation programme look like?

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Spotlight on Quality: Accreditation

We recently hosted our first ever webinar as part of our quarterly Spotlight on Quality series.

The spotlight for this session focused on accreditation and how Tendable customers have approached their accreditation programmes with a view to share learnings across the healthcare industry.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our three wonderful speakers:

Each sharing their personal experiences with Tendable as well as the impact that our solutions have had on their journey for Quality Improvement and an enhanced accreditation programme. During the webinar we discussed:

The need for a consistent feedback loop
Accreditation programmes by their very nature evolve. An initial programme may uncover the need for different metrics going forward, and maybe even a new approach at times. Within a consistent feedback loop these learnings can be captured to maintain a high-quality accreditation programme. Katrina highlighted that 'It is a journey, and you will keep re-inventing the process as you learn more and more.'

The importance of governance
The process should also be governed at every step.
You have a governance process but so, what? Joyce emphasised that ‘it is really key to get everyone on-board for your governance process to achieve an end result’.

Planning the fundamentals
Before you begin your accreditation journey, it’s important to get the fundamentals right.
Set reasonable, basic standards. Joanna uses the example of, if a commode is visibly unclean then the standard should be that it is visibly clean and to be scored you must be consistent. Joanna goes on further to say, every team should ‘take the standards, own the standards and start to champion the quality around that standard’.

Tendable understands that every organisation has different needs, and we are here to make your journey easier for you. If you missed out this time, you can watch the recording using the download link above to catch-up.


Our next webinar is on Governance, keep an eye out for further details to join us on our next spotlight on quality.

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