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HIGHLIGHTS 20 Sept 2023

HSJ Patient Safety Congress | What is the new reality for healthcare organisations?

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Over the last few days, Tendable attended HSJ Patient Safety Congress where the key theme throughout was facing the reality that our current healthcare systems are in and to open the floor for an honest conversation about safety.


What is the new reality for the NHS - how can we reset on safety to survive, and ultimately thrive in today’s healthcare environment?

Shaun Lintern Chair | HSJ Patient Safety Congress

A few key themes became apparent to meet this challenge, namely:

The challenges that the healthcare system face require real-time insights into health inequalities, reducing waiting times and quality improvement across the board.

At Tendable, we strive to offer a quality assurance system to inform quality improvements and better quality of care within your organisation. To ensure that you receive the quality outputs you need from our solution so that you can get back to putting patients first.

Tendable can support your quality improvement journey by meeting all of the themes presented at HSJ Patient Safety Congress:

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