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Spotlight on Quality

We are excited to host our first Spotlight on Quality webinar, during this session we have the spotlight shining on Accreditation

Within this spotlight, we’ll be sharing best practices and insights from our very own Tendable customers including:

Katrina Creedon who is Head of Nursing for Quality at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Joanna Eley who is the Chief Nursing information Officer at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
Joyce Jordan who is Matron for Critical Care at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust.

The spotlight for this session focuses on accreditation and how Tendable customers have approached their accreditation programmes with a view to share learnings across the healthcare industry. Our speakers will be focusing on how to build an accreditation programme and their personal experiences with how Tendable has impacted their journey for quality improvement.

If you can’t make this session, continue to register as we will be sending a recording of the session to all registrants.

Key learnings:

The need for a consistent feedback loop

An initial programme may uncover the need for different metrics. Within a consistent feedback loop these learnings can be captured to maintain a high-quality accreditation programme. Katrina highlighted that 'It is a journey, and you will keep re-inventing the process as you learn more and more.'

Importance of governance

The importance of governance The process should also be governed at every step. You have a governance process but so, what? Joyce emphasised that ‘it is really key to get everyone on-board for your governance process to achieve an end result’.

Planning the fundamentals.

It’s important to get the fundamentals right. Set basic standards. For example, if a commode is visibly unclean then the standard should be that it is visibly clean. Joanna states, every team should ‘take the standards, own the standards and start to champion the quality around that standard’.