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12 months with Tendable

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As we reflect on another incredible year at Tendable, we are thrilled to share some of our significant achievements from the past year.

Over 1 million inspections

Audit remains one of the best ways to measure quality improvement over time. In 2023, Tendable customers completed over 1 million inspections globally in just 12 months. This gives deeply valuable data from which to make informed change, whilst empowering your front-line teams to drive continuous quality improvement and ensuring quality assurance across your organisation.

Our global footprint

We are proud to have over 64,000 frontline staff across 3 continents using Tendable in 2023. With a strategic expansion of Tendable into Canada, we are excited to provide quality assurance tools and expertise into a fourth continent into 2024.

Informed action

Core to our ethos is the ability to take detailed inspection-data and create valuable insight for healthcare leaders and front-line teams to take action. This year our analytics have played a key role in shaping over 45,000 decisions throughout 2023, from driving improvements in monthly assurance inspections to highlighting trip hazards from rigorous environmental inspections.

Consistent improvement

Our technology underpins the positive change our customers are able to enact – that’s why we’ve released 56 major code improvements and introduced six key features to Tendable in 2023. These features include our new admin portal, analytics modules and a fresh new look to our mobile and web interfaces.

Our community

This year, we also introduced our Spotlight on Quality webinar series where we have covered the topics of Accreditation and Governance with over 500 healthcare professionals attending these sessions, with our next Spotlight on Quality: Data and Triangulation webinar on 31st January 2024 - we hope to see many more of you there.

Empowering nursing innovations is vital to what we do, which is why we were proud to sponsor the Nursing Times Digital Forum in July, where two of our customers presented a case study on Tendable and how they have been using mobile technology to transform front-line staff engagement. We also partnered with Nursing Times on their Nurses Technology Innovation Competition, which we saw over 100 applications submitted. Where Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation trust, a Tendable client, won in the Digital practice of the Future category.

Positive impact

Overall, front-line teams using Tendable have given care to millions of patients. We are proud to be playing a key role in maintaining quality standards and empowering front-line teams to act and ensure their organisation is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

New year

As we build on our successes into 2024, we aim to empower change-makers in health care settings across the globe and make a positive impact to the quality of care across the industry. As the year draws to a close, the entire Tendable team wishes you a joyful holiday season.

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